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Gradinata will be a not for profit independently owned space built to preserve the past, honor the present, and protect the future. It’s our dream to pull this beautiful building back from wreck and ruin and to return it to its former glory and to create an autonomous community space that is accessible for all.

Gradinata’s ethos is based on mutual aid and solidarity, serving both the local community while reaching out to work cooperatively with the wider world.


To support our local community we want Grandinata to be a warm communal hub in the colder months so neighbors can stay connected.


To open a garden and cafe for families and friends for summer shade and get-togethers.


To share in language exchanges, local music nights, practical skill workshops and most importantly, to offer community support and local projects to preserve the beauty and tight bonds that are the lifeblood of rural communities.


In the global community we want Gradinata to become a place that documents life and culture - a celebration of the past and present and a place that nurtures humanistic values. Bulgaria’s big cities are rapidly changing and with more young people returning to the villages, we want to create a space for shared opportunities and to connect different cultures, ages, and nationalities regardless of backgrounds and borders. Drawing on our range of skills we envision an events space that offers music, art, writing, and solidarity action opportunities to both national and international communities.

Interview with Milko Bozhkov


Artist Milko Bozhkov shared with us his personal connection to the village and to the building itself, which has been in his family for generations. We count ourselves lucky to have his overwhelming support and enthusiasm as he has become an integral part of this community project.

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